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SCOP is an extra clear and strong LDPE film. PE blend consists of MLLDPE and LDPE granulates. The strength properties enable thickness reduction of 35%.

Features of our SCOP

The SCOP that we make has the following features:
  • A blend of the modern MLLDPE and LDPE granulates
  • Thickness reduction, depending on the application
  • Wide seal range
  • Extremely clear and Glossy
  • Thickness reduction of 20%-35% feasible

Versions of our SCOP

The SCOP that we make is available in the following versions:
  • Flat tubular film from 10 cm to 440 cm
  • Flat film from 16 cm to 440 cm, to 1000 cm folded
  • Thickness from 15 mu to 200 mu
  • Printable up to 10 colours full colour

Application options of our SCOP

The SCOP that we make is suitable for the following application options:
  • Vending machine film in shaping, filling and closing machines
  • Printed films
  • Polypropylene replacement
  • Presentation packaging in the mono shrink market
  • Bags for viewing Packaging
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