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Perfon has the following quality certificates:


Perfon has grown significantly over the past years, particularly due to the actions undertaken by us in all fields of corporate social responsibility. In a changing world, supplying a good technical product in itself no longer guarantees a company’s continuation, whether in the short or in the long run.

Perfon wants to manufacture and supply in accordance with a fully comprehensive quality system. That is why we have been BRC Packaging/ Packaging Materials certified since 2011. An increasing part of our products are purchased by companies in the Food and Pharmaceutical industries, where the BRC Packaging/ Packaging Materials quality system is already well-embedded. It comprises procedures, work methods and hygiene regulations for the manufacture and supply of products in accordance with quality and hygiene standards.

Each year, our BRC Packaging/ Packaging Materials quality system is audited (tested) by and external agency. For our customers, this certificate constitutes a guarantee that we manufacture products responsibly. For us, manufacturing in compliance with the highest standards has the highest priority, which is also why so many tests and inspections take place within our organisation.