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We manufacture flexible packaging materials specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. Together with 600 colleagues, we produce the flexible Oerlemans Packaging Health (OPH) packaging and foils.
The polyethylene foils and packaging are custom-made for the client. We take into account the characteristics demanded for this market (Good Manufacturing Practice).

OPH packaging and foils

Widths: from 5 mm to 6,000 mm Lengths: from 100 mm to a few kilometres Thicknesses: from 7 mu to 800 mu   In other words, this is the right address for practically all your flexible packaging.

Quality systems and responsibilities

Various quality systems ensure that we safeguard the desired features. This is also supplemented by the know-how of the QA department, which is responsible for this specific market.   Oerlemans Technology Centre (OTC): You have the possibility to have your products tested or examined in our technology centre. An added aspect of the centre, specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, is the possibility to outsource the entry controls to the OTC. This lets you use your checked packaging immediately after receipt.   Audits: To align your quality wishes with our possibilities, we are always open to having a supplier’s audit. For our entire factory, it also serves as a good reflection of the wishes that play a role in the market.   Sustainability: CSR, social engagement and sustainability are high priorities at the Oerlemans Packaging companies. That is why ISO26000, ISO14001, Ecovadis Zilver and BRC Packaging-AA are very useful resources that benefit us, as well as our business associates.


One of our special products for the pharmaceutical market is the anti static bag, which is used for packing API powders (active pharmaceutical ingredient), among other items. This anti static bag already works (< 10E12 Ohm) at an RH of 15% and is used by many with satisfaction.