Regelmäßige Updates zu Ihrem Fachgebiet?

As per the 1st of May, Flexpak will be part of the Oerlemans Packaging Group. Flexpak is a well known name for the production of laminated foil for the food industries.

In addition, Flexpak produces high quality printed OPP-, CPP-, BOPP foils, sheets and side gusset bags. These products are delivered to customers who produce cakes, candy, vegetables, dairy, fish and meat in the Netherlands and abroad. The factory of Flexpak will remain at Geldermalsen.

Because of the acquisition by Oerlemans Packaging, former managing director and owner of the company Mr Thies Oosterhuis will start enjoying his retirement. With Flexpak he created a beautiful and modern packaging company. “I am very happy about the acquisition by Oerlemans Packaging. In the end, all employees can continue to work and deliveries to our customers are guaranteed for the future” Mr Thies Oosterhuis said.

With this acquisition Oerlemans Packaging extends her production possibilities further. Oerlemans Packaging produces a wide range of plastic flexible packaging solutions with many specialties in different markets. “The acquisition of Flexpak is part of the growth of Oerlemans Packaging”, Joan Hanegraaf, director of Oerlemans Packaging Group says: “With these new production possibilities we can offer our customer an even wider range of products and services. Therefore I’m very honoured that Flexpak will be part of the Oerlemans Packaging Group at the 1st of May”

Oerlemans Packaging B.V. comprises the following companies:
•Oerlemans Plastics B.V., Genderen and Giessen
•Plasthill B.V., Hillegom
•Perfon B.V., Goor
•O.P.I. B.V., Oosterwolde
•Fardem Packaging B.V., Edam
•Flexpak B.V., Geldermalsen